Founded by the Region of Crete, the Cretan Gastronomy Center is housed in a three-floor building of neoclassical architecture built in 1933 called “Archontiko Manousaki” in Argiroupoli village, Rethymno.

The Center is run by the Agronutritional Cooperation of the Region of Crete. Its aim is to connect the primary sector to tourism and to promote Cretan Gastronomy through educational and evidence-based programs for children and adults.


  • Display space and exhibit space for certified products with brand «Crete»
  • Local products tasting
  • Cooking shows and lessons for small groups
  • Info point – Information about the Cretan Diet, traditional recipes and the culinary culture of Crete, also tourist information about gastronomic routes and tourist trips.
  • Library and free access to audiovisual material
  • Free Wi-Fi

A few words about the area

 Argiroupoli is situated 20 kilometers southwest to Rethymno and 38 kilometers southeast to Hania. The village, which is classified as traditional settlement of medium cultural value, has an impressive view to the Cretan Sea and olive groves that reach to the sea. On the way to Argiroupoli we see Episcopi and Archontiki villages and lots of taverns with excellent food cooked with local products.

Argiroupoli is built on the remains of Ancient Lappa dating back to 220 AD. It is famous for the water springs of Agia Dynami at the entrance to the village, in a leafy area with lots of natural waterfalls.

Just 2 kilometers from the village, on the crossroad to village Kato Poros, you will see the Ancient Necropolis. In the area there are water springs, old watermills and lots of cultivations of citrus fruits and avocado, as well as an organized picnic place. Visit the church of Pente Parthenes (Holy Five Virgins) next to the graves, one of the most important religious monuments in western Crete, with a long tradition.

Learn more about the Cretan Diet and the Cretan products

 “Don’t look for a pill that can substitute for the Cretan Diet.

There is no such thing.”

Serge Renaud, 1998


The local products of the island, such as olive oil, dairy products, honey, endemic plants and various wild herbs, have formed the eating habits of Cretan people and have contributed to the fame of Cretan diet for being the healthiest nutritional model in the world. This explains why the Cretan Diet is the base for the so-called “Mediterranean Diet”.

Above all, the Cretan Diet is a way of life which includes values such as hospitality, family, but also fast and daily exercise. The Cretan Diet is not just what we eat but the way we live our life and cultivate, and this is what we invite you to discover here in the Cretan Gastronomy Center!!

Find out about our activities:





Price per person Duration
What’s in “the Cretan basket”? Tasting local products * 3 Euros
Olive oil tasting mini seminar for the  Cretan olive oil (for beginners) 10 Euros 1 hour
Cooking lessons ** Learn how to cook 2 traditional Cretan recipes served with

wine from local winery

20 Euros 3 hours
Cretan breakfast in our garden Greek coffee and traditional breakfast 5 Euros



* includes graviera cheese, honey, feta cheese, olives, homemade rusk with olive oil, oregano and tomato, tsikoudia (grape-based spirit)

** upon request – for a group of up to 10 people

*** The participation of children up to 12 years old is free



Opening hours: 09.00 – 15.00

Every day (except for Saturday and Sunday)

For more information:


Cretan Gastronomy Center

Argiroupoli – Rethymno Crete

Tel: +30 28310 81252 – +30 6979552591

Center for Cretan gastronomy, Argiroupoli, Rethymno, Crete. Κέντρο Κρητικής Γαστρονομίας, Αργυρούπολη, Ρέθυμνο, Κρήτη.



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